We specialise in fitting Kitchens, Bathrooms & Bedrooms


Come and see our beautiful bespoke kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom where one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you make your dream project a reality.


More than just a kitchen


The kitchen plays an important role in the home and life. It reflects your personality and is the hub of the home. Browse our galleries and brands to start to get a feel for your new kitchen.



Contemporary modern

Kitchen by Symphony

Tempus fugit - time flies - and so do tastes and designs. We stock and fit a range of modern kitchen designs. Ideal if you are in a new build or have modernised an existing property


Traditional style

Kitchen by Laura Ashley

The old ways are the best ways, they say. Some styles never go out of fashion, so if you are looking for that quintessential English kitchen look, we've got you sorted

We are a Neff 5* Master Partner.

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Relax and Unwind


The bathroom is a functional and yet luxurious room for relaxing and unwinding. We take the hassle out of renovating your bathroom, offering a wide-range of products and comprehensive installation service. 


Beautiful, clean lines

OUR bathrooms

Whether you want modern lines and sweeping curves, or something more traditional, we have a bathroom for you. Why not explore our ranges?


Unique & Understated

Bathroom by Matki

Characterised by superior performance and ease of maintenance, Matki products are designed with the function and finish of every component in mind.


Heavenly Spaces


The bedroom is for rest and escape – a place where you can simply hide away when things are getting too hectic. A place to relax, dress up, be alone or to pamper yourself!


Soft Modern

The best of both worlds, mixing in some curves and soft colours with modern minimalism. Modern can be divisive, but this is a balanced take.


Dark Luxury

Deep rich coloured bedding creates a luxurious and stylish bedroom. We can help you find this sophisticated and elegant bedroom look.